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Hills Discount Flies is now located in Avon Colorado close to the Eagle River. The warehouse is located at 281 MetCalf Road Unit 104, Avon CO 81657
Hill's Discount Flies was started by my father Jim Hill in Yakima WA in 1996 when he retired. He wanted to create a business that could produce quality and reliable hand tied flies at a whole sale price to all of his customers. He found a supplier in 1997 in Sri Lanka that helped him accomplish his goal and Hill's Discount Flies has gown into what you see today. 
Hill's Discount Flies uses quality materials from here in the US and Daiichi and Gamakatsu hooks for all of our flies. Hill's has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our flies.
You can find all of the top selling flies on our website starting with Adams Parachute, Blue Wing Olives, Prince Nymph Bead Head, Copper Johns, Pheasant Tails, Freight Trains, Articulated Leeches, Bass Poppers, Deceivers and many others. We have everything you need for all types of fly fishing from Stillwater, Pocketwater, Tailwater, Lakes and Saltwater.
We have a monthly newsletter that will update you on upcoming events at Hill's and also everyone's favorite: "Hot Deals" . 

If you have any question please feel free to call us at (800)-337-4483. We have been in business for 16 years now and have traveled to a lot of wonderful places to fly fish.

We have experience fly fishing in Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Northern Nevada, California, Wyoming, and Colorado. We also have experience in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and Christmas Islands.

Fishing Trip With Troutwater Fly Shop
On April 3rd I flew down to Cancun Mexico to join Jim and Johnny from the Troutwater Fly Shop and Chris (I caught my first Permit) Bolm for 6 days of fishing along the Mexico / Belize border. This was my first time to this area and was pleasantly surprised. Xcalak is a 5 1/2 hour drive south of Cancun and is a small fishing village. When I say small you better be ready to go off the grid.

Our days were spent chasing Permit and Bones just south of town in the flats that separate Mexico from Belize.
The picture to the left is of Jim (I love long walks on the beach and Margaritas after fishing) Gallagher showing Chris and I how to catch Permit. The Fleeing Crab was the fly to have for Permit. We had a good number of Permit turn on this fly and chase after it. Many times the bones hit the crab before the Permit had a chance. But if you are an expert like myself you continue to strip way to fast and out strip the fish...... or hit Jim in the head with the fly just to make sure he's paying attention.

The picture to the right is of Chris and Jim, this was Chris's first Permit on the fly. As you can see the fish was so huge it took both of them to lift it and hold it steady for the camera.
We also fished some small lagoons to chase baby Tarpon and Snook. I'll have a video on the homepage soon with some great footage from the trip.
If your interested in this trip or the area give me a call at 800-337-4483. Troutwater does a trip every year or I can help you plan one for yourself.




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