East Cap Mexico
A Little Piece of Heaven
Waking up the first morning in Baja is like Christmas for me. I'm excited, nervous and can not wait to see what the Saltwater has in store for me. I started going down to Baja in 2008 and fell in love with my surroundings and the lack of people you see on the long stretches of beach. I wasn't sure what to expect in 2008 so I relied on Jeff DeBrown from The Reel Baja to show me around. On my first trip down we spent all of our time in a boat looking for fish. This is fun but not really what I was looking for. It wasn't until a couple years later that I finally spend my whole time combing the beaches looking for fish and really falling in love with Saltwater fishing from a beach. There is nothing like seeing a small or large Rooster cruising the beach. It's hard to stay calm, do everything right but when you do and everything goes right, it is the best feeling in the world.

This last June I ventured down to Baja with Brian Fleming in search of our Grande. We found a nice mouse infested place on the beach and began our journey. Our first few nights were spend trapping mice and tying flies.

Minus the mice and our one night without power the house was amazing. Rod and Barb look over the house for the owners and were very helpful with all of our issues.

We would spend our days walking and cruising the beaches looking for our prize. This trip was amazing for the amount of Roosters we saw but for the most part they wanted nothing to do with our flies. They were in full on breeding mode and it was very frustrating when you couldn't get them to turn on your fly.
A turning point came on day three when Brian saw something dark moving along the beach in a deep troth, he ran down made his cast and hooked up on a Golden Trevally. The fish gave him a nice fight right off the beach for about 5 minutes but the fish won the fight and snapped Brains leader.
This was just the start of a amazing couple of days, Brain would end up hooking three Roosters and landing one. I on the other hand, had my chances and just couldn't make it happen. It's frustrating when you have a Rooster chase your fly all the way to your rod tip and you have nothing left to strip. All you can do is watch the fish swim away and begin your chase once again.

This trip is not for everyone but if you like hunting for big fish from the beach and have a ton of patience, I recommend exploring Baja. I will be down there next June for two weeks chasing these beautiful fish and hope to see you down there.

For flies I only used three flies for Roosters that are shown below. Even though I did not get a Rooster to eat I had multiple chases on all three flies. I hooked the most fish with the Fox Fur versions, Lady Fish, Baby Jacks and Large Needle fish. I would use size 2 or 1/0 Clousers for rock fish in the evenings. One thing we did not do was take the kayaks out in the evening and drag flies behind for Dorado and other fish cruising just off the beach. If you want to do this baitfish patterns work great.

SIZE 3/0

SIZE 3/0

SIZE 3/0
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